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If you came here as a South Dakota Magazine reader, you can find more recipes and their histories here:

South Dakota State Fair, 2012
South Dakota State Fair, 2013
South Dakota State Fair, 2014
South Dakota State Fair, 2015
South Dakota State Fair, 2017
South Dakota State Fair, 2019

Those who followed the breadcrumbs from AtlasObscura you can see recipes and their histories here:

– Biscuits and Wild Blackberry Jam
– Bublanina
– Grandma’s Cherry Pie
– Grandma’s Mincemeat Cake with Caramel Icing
– Heavenly Peach Cobbler
– Peanut Brittle
– Polenta with Meat Sauce
– Zwieback

There are more recipes under the State Fairs tab.

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