Maxwell Street Tour

Relocated Maxwell Street Market Tour


Guided by Robert Garner & Bruce Kraig  

Sunday, April 29th, 2012 – Rain or Shine
11:00 AM until 1:00 PM


In front of the Red “Maxwell Street Market” sign


Northwest corner of Des Plaines and Roosevelt Roads

Chicago, IL


Map of Maxwell Street meeting location



Maxwell St. M - David Hammond

  (image by David Hammond)



Maxwell Street Market moved in 2008 for the third time in its history.  Bruce Kraig will provide the market’s history.  Rob Garner will talk about Maxwell Street today.  Together they will comment on the Mexican offerings as we walk about and eat our way through the market.  Bring some money for food; ten dollars will easily cover food costs for one.   We will be walking with few places to sit. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes



To prepare for this tour, you may want to consult David Hammond’s Maxwell Street Market Guide 2011-2012  available to read on-line or download.   Also check out Gorilla Gourmet’s Maxwell Street Mexican available on streaming video:



Gorilla Gourmet: Maxwell Street Mexican (pt. 1) from Michael Gebert of on Vimeo.



Gorilla Gourmet: Maxwell Street Mexican (pt. 2) from Michael Gebert of on Vimeo.




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