South Dakota State Fair, 2015


Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance


Family Favorites Never Served to Guests

(or whatever you like)

South Dakota State Fair

September 6, 2015


South Dakota State Fair 2015 winners display

(Image by Catherine Lambrecht)



Our Family Heirloom Recipe competition seeks your best made from scratch recipe of a family favorite never served to guests.  Maybe it is a favorite reuse of leftovers, something cobbled together because Mom’s doing laundry.  Can’t think of anything, well bring whatever you want. Recipe should originate before 1950.


Contestants brought a prepared dish along with a brief story of who passed the recipe down to them, ethnicity, if relevant, number of years the recipe has been in their family and any interesting information about their recipe.



Taste: 50%

History: 40%

Appearance: 10%



1st place – $150.,  2nd place – $100.,  3rd place – $50.

Podcast of the recipe histories read by Laura Johnson Andrews and Catherine Lambrecht.



Competition was conducted on September 6th, these are the results:


First Prize:

DeWald’s Knoephla

Tammie DeWald, Milbank, South Dakota


knoepphla soup south dakota state fair


Second Prize:

Pickled Pigs Feet

Yvonne Simons Ohlrogge, Huron, South Dakota

pickled pigs feet south dakota state fair 2015

Third Prize:

Hamburger and Beans

Sheryl Kloss, Tulare, South Dakota

hamburger beans casserole south dakota state fair 2015