Wisconsin State Fair, 2014

Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance


Picnics and Family Reunions

Wisconsin State Fair

August 3, 2014



Wisconsin State Fair Winners Heirloom Recipe Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance

(Image Catherine Lambrecht)


Contestants entered their best scratch family heirloom recipe suitable for a family or community dinner.  Recipe should originate before 1950.


Contestants brought a prepared dish along with a brief story of who passed the recipe down to them, ethnicity, if relevant, number of years the recipe has been in their family and any interesting information about their recipe.



Taste: 50%

History: 40%

Appearance: 10%


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1st place – $150.,  2nd place – $100.,  3rd place – $50,

4th Prize: The Art of French Pastry by Jacquy Pfeiffer, who is a Midwesterner by choice.



Competition was conducted on August 3rd, these are the results:


First Prize:

Grandma’s Mincemeat Cake with Caramel Icing

Beth Campbell, Belleville, Wisconsin


Grandma's Mincemeat Cake Caramel Icing Wisconsin State Fair Greater Midwest Foodways Heirloom Recipe Contest



Second Prize:

Quick Cocoa Cake

Susan Elle, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


2nd prize Wisconsin State Fair Chocolate Cake Greater Midwest Foodways



Third Prize:

Krumkaker (Norwegian Cones)

Lois J. Trongard, Pewaukee, Wisconsin


Krumkraker Norwegian Wisconsin State Fair Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance Heirloom Recipe Contest



Fourth Prize:

Crowley Family Bean Pot

Carlie Jewell, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


Crowley Family Bean Pot Wisconsin State Fair Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance




Plum Jelly Squares

Jim Papala, Cudahy, Wisconsin


Plum jelly squares Wisconsin State Fair Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance



Scottish Dundee Cake


Scottish Dundee Cake Wisconsin State Fair Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance




Teresa Herbst, Greendale, Wisconsin


GaGoots Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance Wisconsin State Fair




Nannette Piasini, West Allis, Wisconsin


Pasty Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance




Terri J. Magestro, Oak Creek, Wisconsin


Winter Vegetable salad Russian-German Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance