Maize: The Heartland’s Corn – Lunch Menu


The Heartland’s Corn


Chef Deb Silberstein
Saturday, October 7, 2017
 Kendall College




Corn chowder


Corn bread made from sprouted corn flour and grits
Recipe from Peter Reinhart


Corn salsa and tortilla chips


Isaac and Moishe Grocery, Highwood, Illinois


Beer made from Corn
Thomas Keith


Corn “beer” made to recipe
from Prairie Farmer, 1 August 1851

Interpreted by Thomas Keith


Wari Chicha de Molle
Off Color Brewing in collaboration with the Field Museum





Corn ice cream
Village Creamery, Skokie, Illinois


Corn nuts


Freeze dried Corn
The Spice House 


Forestburg, South Dakota


Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks