Illinois State Fair, 2021

Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance


Illinois State Fair

August 13, 2022



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Contestants entered their best scratch family heirloom recipe suitable for a family or community dinner.  Recipe should originate 50 years or earlier.


Contestants brought a prepared dish along with a brief story of who passed the recipe down to them, ethnicity, if relevant, number of years the recipe has been in their family and any interesting information about their recipe.




History: 50%


Taste: 40%


Appearance: 10%





1st place – $150.,  2nd place – $100.,  3rd place – $50.


Competition was conducted on August 13th, these are the results:



First Prize:

Grilled Pork Chop Plate

Amy Wertheim, Atlanta, Illinois


Second Prize:

Great-Grandma’ Martin’s Christmas Orange Creams

Joanne Belle (Jenne) Gunderson, Springfield, Illinois



Third Prize:

Polish/Bohemian Kolacky

Kim Lyon



Rosettes (Rosetbakkelser)

Diana Wara, Washington, Illinois


French Potato Salad

Michael Marchizza, Chatham, Illinois


Mommy’s Potato Pancakes
Linda D. Cifuentes, Mahomet, Illinois