2nd Prize, Missouri State Fair, 2013


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Missouri State Fair

August 10, 2013


Second Prize Winner


(Image by Peter Engler)



Second Prize:

Heavenly Peach Cobbler

Maxine Griggs, Sedalia, Missouri



When I think of the wonderful things I baked with my “Mom.”  I think of August being a time of year when peaches were available.


We lived in the rural area of Rettis County and a young orphaned young man would bring my “Mom” peaches and ask her to make a cobbler of them.  “Mom” and I cooked and baked on a wood cook stove and she would always say, He’s such a nice boy, I’ll bake him a cobbler and us one.  I peeled the peaches and she made the crust and put them to bake in a “black skillet.”  She always made a second and used the only pie pan we owned for the young boy.  “Mom” could never turn down a hungry person.  Today, I know she bakes pies in “heaven.”



Second Prize:

Heavenly Peach Cobbler

Maxine Griggs, Sedalia, Missouri



6 ½ cups sliced peaches

¾ cup white sugar

¾ cup brown sugar or honey

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp salt

½ c corn starch or flour

3 tbs butter



3 c flour

1 tsp salt

1 tbs sugar

*1/4 c lard

1 c cold butter

Ice water to moisten


(1 egg beaten, 2 tsp water)

Wash for top of cobbler



In a mixing bowl, cut butter in pea size pieces into flour, salt, sugar &, mix until all I sandy condition.  Add water to slowly & mix.  Let rest 30 min & roll bottom crust.


Mix peaches, sugar, flour, salt & spices, pl

Stir until all is well mixed.

Add a little water, pouring into a iron skillet on bottom crust.  Dot with butter.

Place a top crust with vent holes and brush egg wash – use scrap to decorate.



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