Sun Wah BBQ Menu, September 11, 2018

Pau Platter:

  • Marinated ham hock with vinegar dipping sauce
  • Marinated squid with hoison dipping sauce
  • Marinated brisket with red vinegar dipping sauce
  • Pickled vegetables: Watermelon, Daikon radish, Cucumber


Barbeque Duck aka Pei Par duck (spatch cocked)



Marinated Duck in a white soy sauce sauce seasoned with five spice, not crispy skin, served with red vinegar dipping sauce (which region of which province



Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce



Roast Duck (roast whole)



Marinated Chicken aka Princess Chicken, served cold with ginger sauce



Soy Sauce Chicken



Roast Pork (Siu Yook) starts as a pig roasted whole to achieve a crackling skin that seals the succulent meat beneath



Baby Pig, three ways:

  • Laura cooked over open fire of natural gas and ceramic briquets
  • Michael cooked in an oven
  • Dad – over open fire of wood charcoal


Mike’s Fried Chicken



Char Siu Pork aka BBQ Pork