Why are foodways important?

Foodways is the study of what people eat and why. Why we procure, prepare and serve the food we do has cultural, sociological, geographical, financial and political influences.



Why is recognition of diverse foodways valuable?

Preserving our past and present for the future by research, documentation and oral histories. It is culinary anthropology on the hoof, paw, root and leaf.



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Chicago Foodways Roundtable, April, 2013

Chicago Foodways Roundtable




The Secret Financial Life of Food


Presented by Kara Newman


Monday, April 22, 2013 at 6:30 pm


Kendall College, School of Culinary Arts
900 N. North Branch Street, Chicago
(West of Halsted Street, North of Chicago Avenue)
Free Parking
Cost: $3, Free to Kendall students and faculty with ID.



Kara Newman began her career as a financial writer.  Her inspiration for The Secret Financial Life of Food  began with two little words in the financial newsweekly Barron’s.  Jim Rogers, a noted commodities expert, gave the following advice:  “Buy breakfast.” He was talking about pork belly futures (which no longer trade) and frozen orange juice futures.  That one little comment snapped into focus the point that agricultural commodities aren’t abstract financial concepts – at heart, they’re about food. Pork bellies become the bacon on your plate; frozen orange juice becomes the OJ in your glass. In the end, it’s all about food.

The ups and downs of the commodities market – in Chicago and elsewhere  - influence what we eat and what we pay for food.  Many farmers study commodities prices to decide what and how much to plant.  Chain restaurants use them to manage costs – if the price of beef is expected to spike, does it make sense to raise menu prices, or find an ingredient substitution?  Commodities prices set a baseline for prices at supermarkets and greenmarkets alike -- and most people don't even realize it.

Kara Newman is a spirits and cocktail writer based in New York. She is the Spirits Editor for Wine Enthusiast and her work appears in The New York Times, Saveur, The San Francisco Chronicle, Arrive, and Sommelier Journal, among other publications. Previously, she was vice president of Strategic Research at Thomson Reuters.

This program is hosted by the Chicago Foodways Roundtable. To reserve, please e-mail: chicago.foodways.roundtable@gmail.com, then leave your name and how many people in your party.


This program is hosted by the Chicago Foodways Roundtable. To reserve, please call (847) 432-8255 or, then leave your name, telephone number and how many people in your party or e-mail: ChicagoFoodwaysRoundtable@gmail.com




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