Why are foodways important?

Foodways is the study of what people eat and why. Why we procure, prepare and serve the food we do has cultural, sociological, geographical, financial and political influences.



Why is recognition of diverse foodways valuable?

Preserving our past and present for the future by research, documentation and oral histories. It is culinary anthropology on the hoof, paw, root and leaf.



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“Stuffed:  A Journey of Midwest Sausage Traditions"

In celebration of the best of the wurst from Cozy dogs to Chicago Style dogs, from the Mother-In-Law Tamale dog to the smoked varieties, it's all going to be uncovered.

September 15, 2007

9:00-10:00       Arrival and registration: coffee, tea and pastries served

10:00-10:45       Welcome

  • Chris Koetke, Founding Board of GMFA and Dean of Kendall College

  • Keynote Address: Andy Smith, Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia on Food and Drink in America, on sausage in the US.

10:45-11:00       Break


11:00-12:15       Chicago Sausage Traditions

  • Barbara Olson, retired hot dog stand manager, on the Chicago hot dog

  • Leonard Slotkowski Jr., grandson of Joseph Slotkowski who founded Slotkowski Sausage, on Polish sausage.

  • Peter Engler, Research scientist and amateur food historian on the  Mother in Law, a Southside Sausage Surrogate.


12:15-12:30       Introduction to the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance by Bruce Kraig, Founding Board


12:30-1:15          Lunch: Vienna Beef hot dogs, corn dogs, Coney dogs, bratwurst and other regional sausage specialties


1:15-2:45          Making Sausage

  • Robert E. Rust, Professor Emeritus of Animal Sciences at Iowa State  University, on the art and science of sausage.

  • Randy Ream, owner of Ream's Elburn Meat Market in Elburn, Illinois, on small-scale sausage production.

  • Bob Schwartz, Vienna Beef, Chicago.


2:45-3:00          Break—Eli’s Cheesecake


3:00-4:00          Sausage Across the Midwest

  • Buz Waldmire, of Cozy Dog in Springfield, Illinois, on corn dogs

  • Trudy Knauss Paradis, author of Milwaukee Germans: Their History, Their Food, Wisconsin bratwurst and sauerkraut

  • William Lockwood, Anthropologist,Coney Dog

4:00   Closing Remarks

  • Catherine Lambrecht, Founding Board of Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance